Dipanjan Sarkar
Data Scientist - Author - Sports Lover


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Hi there! I'm Dipanjan, a Data Scientist and Author. I have a master's degree in IT with a focus on Data Science and Software Engineering. I'm also an avid massive open online course enthusiast and have completed multiple courses including a data science specialization from Johns Hopkins University through Coursera.
I focus on building intelligent systems, applying analytics, machine learning and data science to solve challenging problems at work. Besides that, I also write technical books from time to time.

My main areas of focus and interest include,

  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Statistical Analysis and Inference
  • Text Analytics, Semantics & Information Retrieval
  • Big Data Analytics and Distributed Systems
  • Enterprise Application design, development & architecture
  • Data Modeling, Warehousing and Business Intelligence

I've also authored several books on R, Machine Learning, Python & Text Analytics. Currently I'm working on a book based on Social Media Analytics with R.

I'm also a Technology and Financial Market Enthusiast, Sitcom and Football Addict, Casual Gamer, Lifelong learner, Foodie. Feel free to contact me if you have anything interesting to share, like a challenging problem or an idea for a new book.

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